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Neighbourhood Development Plan

What is happening with the Neigbourhood Development Plan?



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The Church

The Church


The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church


Opening the playground

Playground opening

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council


The Clerk

Carla Boyles    Tel:  01432 271209

12 Grenfell Road, Hereford HR1 2QR


Who are your Councillors?

What is the Group Parish Council and what does it do?

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Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, St Michaels Hall was not accessible on Tuesday evening, 11th November, for the parish council meeting. This was not known until very short notice and an alternative venue, the tea room at The Dog Inn, had to be found. We tried to let as many people know as possible, but apologies to anyone who may have wanted to attend the meeting but were not aware of this.


The Kemble Centre, Ewyas Harold


Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council was successful in bidding to purchase St John Kemble former Catholic Church on behalf of the local community.  This was established in the Parish Plan 2012 as something the community would like the Parish Council to achieve - the purchase is currently progressing, although this is still subject to contract.


What is the Parish Council going to use the site for?

The plan is to convert the building into a welcoming, informal multi purpose centre focusing on wellbeing for the benefit of the community and inclusive use for all ages.   At the hub of the village and close to the Doctors Surgery, the site is ideal and will compliment and enhance, not duplicate the existing provision.  


What would you like to see delivered at The Kemble Centre?  Please complete the questionnaire either online at or we will be distributing paper copies to households within Ewyas Harold Group Parish. Responses need to be in by 5th December 2014.


Neighbourhood Development Plan


The parishes of Abbeydore and Bacton, Ewyas Harold Group and Kentchurch (ABEHK) have been developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) over the last three years. We have now produced a draft and are seeking your views on the document so far.
This is an important opportunity to express your opinion on how development should proceed in the NDP area over the next 16 years.
The purpose of the NDP is to reflect the wishes of our community regarding development in the area. Once completed and approved by our community the NDP will form part of the planning regulations for the three parishes. It based on the information gathered from questionnaires and public meetings over the last three years. This is the first of three public consultations that will be held on the ADEHK NDP.


Where to read the draft NDP.
You can download a copy of the draft from Further information about the plan, Steering Group members, past meetings and an Executive Summary are also available at that website.
Paper copies of the NDP will also be available at various places across the NDP area including: Pontrilas Post Office; Ewyas Harold Shop; Ewyas Harold Surgery; Ewyas Harold Library.
If you are unable to see the NDP either online or at one of these places then you can request a hard copy by contacting one of the people listed below. If you require any other help with access to this document, again please contact Carla Boyles on 01432 271209 or


To comment on the draft NDP you can:
1. Attend the Public Meetings on 22nd November 2014 Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall 2 – 6:00pm Abbeydore Village Hall 2:00 – 6:00 pm.
2. Fill in the comment form online at
3. Complete a comment form and return it to the collection boxes in Ewyas Harold Shop or Pontrilas Post Office.
If you require a copy of the comment form you can either download them from the website –, or request one from Carla Boyles on 01432 271209 or


Please note that there will be two further public consultations on the NDP before the referendum to pass it into law. It is anticipated that the referendum will be held on May 7th 2015 but that date may change.